I’m not looking for an audience I promise I’m not. I just got so much to say and I want to be heard. Like how He loved me despite of my demanding attitude. The desire of wanting things to go my way regardless of what He said. How He allowed me to fail without a death sentence hanging around my neck. Instead my arrogance was turned into Humility when I took a glimpse of how my life could be. I know without a doubt God saved me.

This is America

If you’re not about that life

Stop saying you’ll fight till the end

If you don’t know the victim

Don’t pretend to be a silent friend

How many lives have to matter for the injustice to end

I’m so sick of the headlines disguised as peace offerings

People sharing the media is just a continuous of an epidemic that seems to Never end

How many people you know face the same brutality

But yet You become a voice for the public and share your frustration as link of elevation

If we look back can we admit to going higher

Or are we so accustomed to fitting in that we’ve gravitated to staying in the median

What will it take for humanity to be seen as one

Equally treated and not persecuted for the color of their skin

My heart cries out for strangers I’ve never met

To know lives have been lost while trying to survive is an act of betrayal while viewers standby streaming Live for an audience

To later boycott Black Lives Matter

I’m still trying to understand Why

WHY WHY WHY when this country is defined as free for All of mankind

But this is AMERICA

Escape Plan

It started when I was still an adolescent a plan of escape. How could I get away, how would I flee from voluntary confinement. The belief to lose my thoughts after being tied down by the negative verbiage of doubters. Drifting away from every conversation that did not feed my intellect. A plan I made to free myself from insanity! There was no way I was going to be a slave to backwards thinking. Held captive with restraints of a belief system created to only allow me to dream. Visualizing the Impossible is a break away I owe myself consistently.


Curious to know the deciding factor for the cremation ordered on Grants dog. To have him enshrined is considerably relative to her emotional well being. Placing her infinite friend in a memorable keepsake is an honorable notion. Grant will forevermore be grateful for the act of servitude. Despite not having the will power to decide on Faythes final resting place I know she’ll be pleased with your overall planning. You considered going forward and not just reminiscing on the past. Knowing her dog will always be around will certainly comfort her pain. He will always be preserved in her heart.


Without announcements I take off to travel a world that is unfamiliar. Escaping to depths of something different never seen by the visual eye. No bags pack I slip away just to relax and unload the negative energy crossing my Peace. I must meditate on positive endeavors allowing my mind to be at ease. Going further and further away every time I discover sleeping while awake is a dream. The thrill of each getaway keeps me grounded to foundation that formed me. I have to fly away every once in awhile it’s how I handle a revolving circle called earth.


If water was a Holy substance and I had a desire to drink could I be sustained? The elements of H2O fulfill the drought of what’s needed in a world that’s divided. Holy to believe that ones life is created by the thoughts buried in their mind. How can you speak Life and be tone deaf to whisper of your heart. Holy is the lamb that was slain as a sacrifice. Interesting theory if you believe an animal is equal to a human life. Holy should you be once you understand the terminology behind the myth. So Live out Loud!


My life has changed something happened along the way. I started to notice things were no longer the same. Abruptly without notice I started to pay attention from the inside out. A force stronger than my own interrupted the life I was accustomed to living. No pleasantries offered it just took over like an excuse to be noticed. As I viewed the image in the reflection I wondered quietly. The birth of energy suddenly barging its way in. Allowed me to visualize elevation outside my membrane. The unknown intervened and now my thoughts are clear. Punctuated by time I arrived!


Identifying with the diagnosis of my wellness! I prefer the details of my life to be organized by specifics. There has to be an order of process for cycles if not everything will be a wash. OCD is a significant attribute I’m fond of. If any notation of a thought is out of sequence I meditate. Training my mind to focus on the importance of steps that was ordered before conception. Mastering Destiny you must find a path that strengthens your intellect. Never fall victim to negative behavior think positive and stay the course. Your order is ready ~ Now Live


How do I explain all the events that has transpired. The guilt the shame can I ever recover from a tragedy such as this? Where did I go wrong thinking I could win in a game built with lies. I feel so broken from guilt tearing me apart from the inside. My digestive system is all out of order. The sluggish feeling is so overwhelming I can barely hold my head up. Let me try to drink some water with hope to detox my organs. I became victim of a milk challenge and the guilt alone will ruin my image.

Writers Glory

A challenge if I must say

To excuse a notion that only I can express

Reflections of myself is so easy to confess

Simply write a song without a rhythm

Can one compare to skipping while music plays as a hymn

How can I relate to the symphony if there is no tone

I simply look in the mirror with joy in my heart

Confessing with the English language

Accepting the Challenge

I enjoy the thrill of exercising my right

The liberty to showcase my skills is my best asset

With my eyes asleep I write with my heart beat


My most favorite dessert or should I say a diversion when I feel like spoiling myself. Sugary nonsense defined as a sin depending on the delicacy of what is forbidden. How can I desire something knowing it deferential to my existence. I might as well of had a cognac so diverted on the effects of pollution sustaining my essence. Must I present elegance knowing I represent I higher standard. Filled with love I freely reciprocate grace. A mere perishable commodity that’s been given free will. So my confession will admit the truth it was I who ate the strawberry cake.

Who am I

I wonder if my skin color determines how you perceive my Identity

Never allowing me the opportunity to present my own natural Beauty

Tell me my how my heritage will always define my Ethnicity

From your perception and outlook of Equality

And as night turns to dark I will rise with the Sun

Explaining the creativity of my Complexity

Tell me why my existence doesn’t matter in the land of the Free


I’ll submit to your will until I’m able to imitate the Truth

Tell me my history explains my Identity


I’ll recreate how you see Me

Tell me you didn’t understand my story until you read my Autobiography


I’ll tell you I’ve been here all along it was how you viewed Me

Tell me I was created as a Gift

From a source greater than your Predijuce Thoughts


While Praising His Holy Name

I must Confess with my Tongue

Not my will but His and His Alone

I’ll tell you I surrendered and became a Living Sacrifice

The mere image of my Reflection has nothing to do with what you See

All of who I am, is who He created me to Be

The Beauty of my Complexion can be defined in more shades than One

A Chameleon of Complicity best defines how the World describes Me.

But I deserve More I’m FREE


I wonder if my skin color determines how you see me

Never allowing me the opportunity to present my own natural Beauty

Tell me my how my heritage will always define my Ethnicity

From your perception and outlook of Equality

And as night turns to dark I will rise with the Sun

Explaining the creativity of my Complexity

Tell me why my existence doesn’t matter in the land of the Free

I’ll submit to your will until I’m able to imitate the Truth

You don’t know Me

The Beauty of my Complexion can be defined in more shades than One


The season is changing

It’s in the air

Ace of hearts look remarkable this time of year

Red birds dancing across the sky

Is poetic to a dreamer who visualizes fairytales with happy endings

Looking out the window I see birds playing in a puddle left by a light shower

Reminiscing on the innocence of love

Capturing each moment as if it’s the first time done

Birds are remarkable at making us believe the impossibilities of the world

Look there’s another one a blue bird just nested itself above

I guess winter is over and Spring has begun



Let me see, my mind is in a new form. I understand life so different now. I can be invisible, transparent and present all at the same time. How I relate to other beings and emphasize with the unfamiliar is something ~ I always recognize. So aware of my surroundings I visualize the impossible in my sleep ~ making it my reality. Or is it the other side, of my intelligence that has awakened on the inside.

I see people as teachers and students! Depending on the form I’m in ~ determines whether I’m learning or mentoring. Every encounter has allowed me to gain wisdom. Still reserved with strangers being a familiar face or someone I’ve never met before is a true mystery. I try to master discernment,  so I gain trust over my intuition and focus on the energy I feel both good and bad.

Within this journey I define as humanity,  an asset I value the most would be Time. Acknowledging that I can control it ~ my intuitive vibes allow me to know I possess a spiritual power. Understanding, that the way I Talk can be a blessing or a curse depending on what is said and the tone that’s pitched. Conversations are few because I’d rather listen then talk. I’m hungry for knowledge so I practice patience.

I’ve become accustomed with Studying behavior, realizing it is the action to our words that say the most. Body language defines the soul of true self awareness. It reacts to our thoughts without playing submissive to a character we know nothing about.

Who am I? A mere reflection of Time. Whomever I choose to be in this life form. If I choose to recreate my identity or imitate an image I’ve gravitated towards. At this point I’ve learned who I am is defined by my choices. Either I choose to be a role mode or model a role I admire.

Every piece of me has a season, when I realize that their all lesson plans I understand Purpose. Intelligence is ignorance depending on how you study it. Perception is a masterpiece only third eye awakening can experience. Every good thing is created through failure or is it the practice that’s perfected through obedience.


It’s very rare, I might just be overwhelmed

Can never be compared to random unannounced sick days

When hysterical play is only rehearsed

Boredom is the complete opposite

An enemy pretending to be a friend

Nothing to do, nowhere to go

A stage of depression, neglecting the thoughts in my head

Bored from overthinking, of how life should be spent

The plague of boredom has struck again

But it doesn’t happen often, so no need to be frustrated

Allow me to reminisce

What was I contemplating, past or future events

Interesting I’ll be back at square one

Boredom strikes Again


I took a close look and noticed I wasn’t the same person anymore

A spot on the mirror made me reflect on the image I used to see staring back at me

A young girl lost in confusion looking for answers in a world of transgressions

I spotted something familiar a desire to want greater

It was a spot of arrogance that made me hunger for greater

My lack of knowledge awakened my spirit to spot ignorance and ignore it going forward

In search of understanding

Now I know the feeling of connecting the dots

One spot at a time


Created to give without even thinking! Living a life without limits from the expenses of my experiences. A gift that was given to me to give back to all of humanity. Grateful to know this life of mine serves a higher purpose. With every breath I take I give of myself. The words I speak I often rehearse. Ensuring my intellect is not mislead for ignorance. I am pleased to give a speech that was practiced before it was written. If I title must be given please address me as an inspirational individual who gives the gospel in all conversations.

Benefit of Doubt

Thinking out loud and reflecting for fun! At some point you lose interest in caring who has your best interest at heart. Understanding that their acts of kindness and denial of justice work according to God’s plan. When you mature in life you grasp the concept that a friend is a foe and an enemy will become a footstool before time ends. Learning that endurance teaches life lessons that last from one generation to the next. Knowledge can be earned or learned depends on the educational benefit. A student in a world that never stops teaching, you hunger for physiological advances to gain the art of performing. The benefit of doubt you give to all encounters along the way because they know not of who you shall become. Created to serve a purpose that has yet to be told you learn to study yourself.


If I can live to see one hundred and twenty five years of life

With a renewed mind

All the things I’ve learned

The experiences I had an opportunity to witness

The thought of not losing has me focused on winning

Why was I formed what’s my mission in this life

What is my purpose

I was created to accomplish something greater than just breathing

The thought of reaching an age past my understanding

To be open minded to a world that’s changing with time

I’m embracing my future with hunger

One hundred and twenty five

Is it possible


Now I know

I see things so different now

I bless people to prevent prejudgment

Life is defined by how you think out loud

You choose to do what’s right

Making decisions that produce reciprocity

Planning to give on Purpose is an agenda

I am so awake of my surroundings

Focused on what’s ahead

I thank yesterday for the time spent

Each lesson equipped me for the present

Sleep is no longer a desire

It’s a necessity a tool used to wander

Committed to master my existence

My third eye has awakened

I see life so different now that I’m Awake


I’m going out tonight

Let me try this new palette

All these shades of pink

Cheeks rosy like I’ve kissed by fairy dust

How can pink be so innocent and remarkably fire at the same time

I’m going to dance the night away

I feel so incredibly fine

This pink blush got me feeling like a glass of vintage wine

Why did I wait so long to enhance my high cheek bones

In a Way such as this

I’m going out tonight

If you plan on coming

Don’t be tardy because I’m m tickled pink about my dance moves tonight