Iā€™m not looking for an audience I promise Iā€™m not. I just got so much to say and I want to be heard. Like how He loved me despite of my demanding attitude. The desire of wanting things to go my way regardless of what He said. How He allowed me to fail without a death sentence hanging around my neck. Instead my arrogance was turned into Humility when I took a glimpse of how my life could be. I know without a doubt God saved me.



Lost love, what would I say how could I explain? Everything I feared was coming back to haunt me. I couldn’t even utter a word, I was to afraid of what I would say. All I could think of is the sacrifices I made. I grabbed a blank sheet of paper and expressed my frustration in black and white. How could this of happened I thought it was real? I was no longer in love! What I once felt was turned upside down, a blank canvas with a bucket of paint and no muse. So I continued to write nonstop!

Weary in Well Doing

Certain things frighten me

Toxic energy dressed like positivity

Misconceptions built from dishonesty

Not returning a favor when what you received held it together

Misguided conversation with no meaning

Wrong focus because social media grasp the attention

How do I strengthen my intelligence

Read more, study failure, hold no grudges and strive to do your best

Create your own serenity

Peace is the key to a fulfilling life

If it failed in the past don’t try to fix it

Build a new bridge and crossover

The best is yet to come

Believe it


Let’s get together just to laugh out loud. I want to celebrate no specifics on a theme. Can we invite the world and tell them it’s free. A party where there is no judgement or prejudice and you can come as you are. Singing together in harmony with no music just the rhythm of our hearts. The stars will be our decor once the nigh falls. I’m super excited just thinking about it all. Dancing non stop as if we conquered world peace. Imagine being free to party like you want. The thought of food never running out and beverages came from a waterfall. Can such an event exist in a universe such as this? I wonder if I wake up from dreaming could I make it a wish. For a minute I had an outer body experience that didn’t end. One day life will be as I imagine it. A party for the entire world to join in on in harmony. Gods Plan!

Thinking out Loud

When I’m confused, misunderstood, or need to be heard ~ I often write! Deep down inside I want to speak out, but I silence my confusion with a pen and a pad. It brings the best relief because it shows how I think and what needs to be said. I wonder when my gift will present itself as present. I offer it with no expectations of a return. I know the value of what it is I offer. But it’s free to anyone who accepts the offer of a blessing. Basically done with no effort! The words just come together like a puzzle. A passion I possess to heal the lost in search of a savior. The world needs you just as you are, so give of yourself and the favor will be honored. Reciprocity can be defined as a miraculous boomerang. What do I know I’m just thinking out loud. šŸ„°šŸ™šŸ¾ā¤ļø

Love Poem

Love is defined by a lifetime of memories we share

An existence of qualities similar and weird

Knowing the conditions of the heart

To take notice of what I see as if we shared the same vision of the unseen

Respecting my identity when I’m not there

Knowing you only belong to me is a True gift of Romance

How will I know if Love is the Key

Because it will only be You

The answer to my Destiny

A Love That has the Power to unlock Infinity

I Love You My Mr. Grant

True Romance ā¤ļøšŸ„°šŸ˜˜

Emotional Roller Coaster

It started when I realized I was in control. How my day would start to how I should go to bed. I was able to shift my emotions on and off like a switch in my head. Despite any offense my response dictated how I would feel. Realizing silence is an unspoken word that works best when negative thoughts wait to be said. What an amazing gift being able to ride a roller coaster and not get sick. The power one possesses is something to be learned. The amusement of laughter strengthens the heart while deflating silent tears. Channel your emotions and gain control over the emotional roller coaster attempting to make you depressed. You have options! Choose happiness instead šŸ˜‰


Hello Good Friend,

As I started my morning stroll I reminisced about the laughs we shared, so I thought I would write. I hope all is well my dear and your life is going as God willed. Please take time to notice all the positive things around you and appreciate yesterdays as lesson plans. I was inspired to say I miss you much and wanted to visit soon. If at all possible can you set a date on the calendar for me to come up. I look forward to seeing you my dear I love you so much. True friendship!